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Ruins of America

"..but his days were shortened by poison, perhaps the most incurable of poisons; the stings of remorse and despair, and the bitter remembrance of lost glory."

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From the ancient ruins of the collapsed Mayan Empire, to the more recent ruins of today, America has become a treasure trove of history, stories, case studies, and faded glory. Spanning across 9.827 million km² are the ruins from the Age of Oil and days gone by; days filled with wonder, hard work, wealth, and prosperity.

The Ruins of America Classic Tour is a summary of all the content on this website. Each entry in the tour consists of a signature ruin from each ruin type. Some examples of ruin types are skyscrapers, neighborhood ruins, and shipwrecks, among many others. Click on "next" to continue on the Classic Tour. Click on a featured tour's name to see more ruins of that type (such as skyscraper ruins).

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